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1000th Newsletter

This week WHS Plastics celebrate an event we never planned for or expected – our 1000th newsletter.

The weekly newsletter has been produced every week since January 1994 and in a few months time will also mark 20 years of events and news about WHS. The purpose of the newsletter remains the same today, as in was in 1994. It is a way to communicate good news and bad news, from last week and for the next week.

Many people over the years have both contributed and helped write the newsletter and our thanks go to them.  It has become an important part of WHS and we hope it continues for many more years.

The company is looking forward to a bright future that will surely bring many challenges, if you know what is going on and in what way you can contribute, then we feel that is a good start to everyone being engaged in the future of the company.

Talking of engagement, this special edition of the newsletter has set out to do just that. Rather than the comments and thoughts coming from the newsletter to the reader, a wide range of people where asked from within the company to pass a comment, any comment they wish, to be included in this special edition.

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