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1200th Newsletter

This month we celebrate our 1200th newsletter, The first newsletter for WHS plastics was issued in 1994 and has become a important part of WHS culture. The company is looking forward to an exciting future that will surely bring many challenges. Since our 1100th edition newsletter in October 2015 we have received JLRQ status, the transformation of the newly acquired site 3, the site 2 extension and the first rail freight of tools for the Range Rover Velar to name a few.

To highlight this special edition of the newsletter we asked current staff around the three sites think will happen in the next 100, which in turn, equates to two years.  Some of the comments were “To have more females in the engineering and toolroom”, “Two shot moulding to be introduced” and “To have over 1000 employees in the WHS Group” .  Many people over the years have both contributed and helped write the newsletter and our thanks goes to them. News editor Jade Harrison commented “Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the newsletter and making it a key piece of WHS culture and it has become an important part of communication within WHS and we hope it continues for many more years. “




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