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Dave celebrates his 35 years service


Technical moulding manager, Dave Terry, 67, celebrates his 35 years service at WHS.  Terry from Tamworth joined the firm in 1978 when it owned 30 moulding machines and employed 150 employees.

“I count myself very lucky to have spent most of my career at WHS, which has been a fantastic place to work”, said Terry.  “The company has always invested in the most modern machines from Engel and is one of the few moulding companies to have a significant toolmaking facility on site next to the moulding process.”

“I am sad to be retiring bit it is great to know that WHS is continuing to grow and improve every year.  You never know, they may let me come back to sample the odd moulding tool – I will really miss that side of the job”.

Terry, who was in the Navy before beginning his career in plastics, now intends to travel.  “I’ll be taking my wife to all the places we went when i was in the Navy.  After touring Austrialia we’re planning to go to Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Egypt and Malta,” he explained.

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