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Aspiring Leaders at WHS

Throughout the first month of 2017 two groups of eight people from across the business have been chosen to complete the “Aspiring Leaders” training course run in conjunction with Activate Enterprise. The course runs until the end of February covering communication and leadership skills through their own personal development along with workshops lead by Activate Enterprise. In the first two weeks, the groups spent time learning about their own styles as shown in the picture and how they would act or communicate in different situations with other’s views and style, this really made them look at themselves and think about what kind of style they adopt in certain situations.

During these session the group have a presentation from each director at WHS, learning their career paths as well as any advice and guidance they can give to the young leaders at WHS and what they’re leadership styles are as examples and how they approach working situations. This is an insight in to a director’s attitude which was very interesting and helped grasp what kind of leadership styles each director has adapted throughout their careers.

At the end of the course, each group will do a group presentation to the directors and individual presentation talking about their own leadership journeys

The course are now on its third and fourth groups with excellent feedback from the sessions. Jade Harrison and Emma Cox commented ‘We’re really enjoying the course and learning about our own personal development along with each Directors journey and how we can relate to their career paths.’

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