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BBC Midlands visits Minworth plant

This month, our Minworth facility were paid a visit by a BBC Midlands camera crew and featured on BBC midlands today on the 20th May.

As the UK Automotive business comes out of its enforced closure, and with WHS being one of the largest automotive suppliers in the midland area, a television news article centred on our return to work, socially distancing and production in relation to the COVID19 pandemic.

Upon arrival the broadcaster and his cameraman were asked to complete a health questionnaire and have their temperatures taken as part of WHS policies.  Once in the building and wearing the required PPE, filming took place of the JLR parts being manufactured in B row and of course, the NHS visors in C row.

During an interview, Group Managing Director Paul Nicholson explained the measures WHS have taken along with the challenges and difficulties in closing down and then reopening such a large facility as WHS.  Whilst this was a fun diversion from the current issues, it clearly demonstrates the magnitude of the current crisis and peoples general interest in it. This was not an article for a specialist or niche automotive magazine but indeed the BBC news.

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