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Diversey Visit

WHS received a very senior delegation of six Diversey representatives, headed up by the vice president research and development & director global procurement of Diversey. They came to discuss a variety of subjects, including phase 5 of the Next Generation Pump system, which we have been working on with them. They believe this has the potential to revolutionise, not only their own equipment supply globally, but that of the whole market place.

During the day, we took opportunity to visit Fred Smith, who showed his military vehicle restoration collection. Fred even gave Dave Carlstrom the Vice President the opportunity to climb in and pretend to drive Ford’s first Jeep. A big thank you to Fred, who donated a significant amount of his time to talk with our customers. A thank you also to all those involved with the project from the tool room, as well as the Diversey cell who had worked hard reorganising and refurbishing the cell to show it off in its very best light.


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