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Engle UK visits WHS

This month, WHS welcomed Wayne Ball and Richard Ashenford from our main press supplier, Engel UK on site. During this training, Engel covered a Customer Service update and a comprehensive overview of Engel’s Industry 4.0 project. ‘Smart Machines, Smart Factory’.
During these sessions, Engel presented their vision of the near future. This involves integrating smart technology into the presses we already own in 2 main ways.

First is enabling WIFI connectivity for all our newer machines.. Both our internal Technicians and Engel would then be able to monitor the machines in real-time, diagnose faults and even adjust the process remotely using a single smart device.

Second potential update would be new “Intelligence” software systems that can automatically monitor and change process conditions in microseconds to ensure consistent mouldings to the highest standards. This would especially be of use for our more technical mouldings such as the cell carrier project where even small changes can result in customer issues. Engel have offered to trial both of these innovations with us in the coming months & work with us to ensure we get the most out of their offer.

Wayne Ball, Business Development Manager – After Sales, said “Just a few words to express my thanks for the opportunity to visit WHS yesterday. The two sessions were very positive with great interaction from everyone involved. Hopefully everyone found something within the content of the presentations of interest and we look forward to a continued mutually beneficial relationship at all levels within WHS. I hope to see you all again soon ’’

Thank you to those that attended.

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