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First rail freight at WHS

Last month, WHS organised their first rail shipment container for tools coming back from China to WHS UK. This is the first time WHS have considered using rail as a freighting option as usually the tools from China get shipped back to WHS via Ocean or Air. The shipment transit time is four and a half weeks and will go through five countries including China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and finally Germany where it will then be road freighted back to WHS UK. The route the rail freight will take with the tools on is known as the ‘New Silk Road’ which was originally known as the ‘Silk Road’ which originates from the productive Chinese silk trade, a major reason for the connection of trade routes from China into a wide-ranging transcontinental network. However, in the 1990s the ‘New Silk Road’ was created and began moving freight and passengers between China and Europe.


During October the first shipments arrived back at WHS. The three tools which are part of the new Range Rover Grande Evoque arrived on a flat bed and were taken off using one of our forklifts. Thank you to Toolroom supervisor Paul Graham for liaising with the logistics company on where to position the tools on the flatbed to make it easier for the tools to be unloaded and Stores Manager Gareth Cummins who arranged for the tools to be unloaded onsite. This will be one of many rail freights WHS are involved in and we look forward to continuing this unique transport from China to WHS UK.


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