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Improvements to our B row cell

Improvements are being made to one our rows which has undergone major renovations

B row as its known has been undergoing renovations from the start of February , the first week in February saw the three large machines being moved onto various other rows so production would not be effected by the improvements.

Tame construction were well underway the second week of February with the noise from the jackhammer being used to break the original flooring had finally stopped after a long week!  The old floor from B row had now been cleared and the foundations and  hardcore has been laid ready for the steel and cement mixer’s to come in to lay concrete down for the new floor.

The final week of February saw the concrete being laid with expansion joints been cut and left unsealed for 2-3 weeks to allow for any movement to happen. Moulding machines can be put on the floor when the concrete is fully set which will be towards the end of March.

Improvement activities for the cell which are still to be planned are painting safety lines on the floor, replacement lights and a new door position.







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