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JLR Apprentice at WHS

Matthew Walford, an apprentice from JLR was with us last week, doing a 3-day placement to get a better understanding of different parts of the company. He spent his first morning in the office, getting a better understanding of tool design and problems that can arise during the process. In the afternoon, he joined engineering learning about how we design the fixtures and jigs that assist our manufacturing processes. The following day was taken up by the task of stripping and rebuilding an obsolete tool, to give a hands on experience of the principles of tool operation. He found this particularly interesting . Matt spent his last day with the sampling team and was given a thorough run through of how we go from having a new tool to getting it ready for full production.

Matt was very impressed by the atmosphere within the company, especially with the willingness to teach from all the colleagues that he interacted with as they always answered any questions he had with as much detail and information as possible. He would like to thank all of the staff at WHS for giving their time up and for making him feel very welcome.


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