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JLRQ Presentation at WHS

In November we achieved a key milestone in our relationship with JLR and received the prestigious award of JLRQ status. This award recognises our delivery and quality performance over the last 4 years, across all areas of our business.  STA director Mark Smith along with other colleague from JLR came to present the award to WHS chairman Clinton Smith along with an audience of directors, managers and employees of WHS. Mark smith made a speech for the presentation stating ‘I have personally received notes of praise from some senior managers within JLR commending your performance, you have come a long way on what sometimes has been a difficult journey. I would like to thank every single one of you for your hard work and dedication.  It is worth remembering that it is this factory’s name which is written on this quality award.  WHS Plastics is the factory that JLR030 is recognising this factory today, and all the associates who work here in Minworth


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