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Management Assistance Programme

Over the past few months, the introduction of MAP (Management Assistance Programme) has been running throughout the company , starting with introductions to the programme and conducting the first audits with managers.

The programme has been created to ensure all departments at WHS are prepared for the growth we will be experiencing in the next few years. There are currently 28 departments involved. The audits will continue to be conducted on a 6 monthly basis in March and September, by the HR team .

Overall, the response has been very positive and we can already see departments making massive improvements. The average score for the initial assessments was 37% whereas after completing the first audits last week the average score has already increased to above 50%. This is a huge improvement and is great to see so many managers supporting the programme.

The finance department showed a really good use of communication, displaying departmental and individual progression on boards and outlining key targets and Continuous Improvements made.

The Continuous Improvements team have shown a good development of a skill matrix and has adapted it so each member of the team has their own plan with targets outlined to them for future development.

E Row was the most improved area from their initial assessment to first audit, so a big well done! Since completing the first audits, we have also had other departments already make big improvements.

We would like to say a massive well done and thank you to everyone for supporting and trying their best to achieve top scores.


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