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New MPP department at WHS

A newly formed department known as the Manufacturing Pre-Production Team, has been set up at the heart of our manufacturing operations here at Site 1, the team consists of four team members Mark Bradbury, Bill Stone, Kevin Taylor and Emma Delaney. The team is responsible for and takes ownership of all aspects of pre-production, from product sampling to manufacturing handover. The MPP team work in partnership with NPI, Toolroom, Quality and Manufacturing and has proved to be a tremendous asset to the business.

Technical Director Adrian Mines said ‘The introduction of the MPP team has helped to fill the communication gap between tooling, NPI, Quality and Operations – early discussions in the MPP development allowed a procedure to be discussed that ensures all departments should see the benefits with regards to Product Quality, Cost reductions and Project Delivery – from an NPI perspective this is a considerable step improvement to further improve customer satisfaction during the NPI phase.’

Toolroom manager Steve Hunt also sang the MPP departments praises ‘The recently setup team has proven to be a great success, they have provided a focus point for all parties to raise issues regarding tooling, processing and SAC work, the team headed by Mark Bradbury, is available to discuss upfront manufacturing issues during early stages of quotation and design which will reduce the number of samples and non conformation on new parts.’ Well done to the MPP team for the continued hard work and success.



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