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New Paint line at WHS

The new paint line which started being built at the start of 2017 at our Minworth site continues to develop and improve both output and quality levels.

Our new paint plant is currently running at around  just 20 % of the paint lines capacity. However, sales will increase further in December when the Front recovery panels, which are moulded in our site 2 will then be painted on the new paint plant here in Birmingham with 2018 being even bigger and better for the new addition to the WHS Group.

Last month, the pain shop had their best RFT (Right First Time) day with a score of 94 %, which following on from the previous total score of 87%.  The newly created department at WHS have an initial target of 80% , this being based on knowledge from our specified paint plant in Runcorn and along with this being a new paint shop and new staff

Well done to the whole team working in the new paint line.  The staff will undergo work experience in both site 1and 2 mould shops to help understand where the mouldings they paint are produced. They will also gain experience in the final quality gate inspection area, plus of course learn each of the standard operations in both the preparation / loading and off load / inspection areas.

Oliver Wild the paint line supervisor commented “We have a really good team coming together in the paint line, everyone is very keen to learn and contribute to making excellent painted parts. Attendance and time keeping is very good and we are all getting ready for the start of the second shift, which will extend our painting process from 8 hours to 12 hours, the second shift will work on both on preparation and off load and inspection, which will be a big challenge”.



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