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New pop up line for Diversey

The demand from Diversey is seasonal with high and low orders for our products throughout the year and to support this we have some of our product lines currently run in WHS Cairo.   Recently due to the increase in Diversey’s orders the Diversey team at WHS UK are creating a ‘pop up’ assembly line in our Diversey assembly cell which will mirror the assembly line in Cairo.  We will have two lines running on the cell, one line for Divermite products, another for our three other production lines as well as spares items and kit assemblies. This is the first time a pop up cell has been created to help continue with the high demand of orders.  During February three new starters began in the new “pop up” cell on the Divermite assembly line.  The first week has been a very successful with 450 units being assembled and worth week £10,000 and the weekly target will now be 1,000.  The three new members who have joined WHS have picked up the assembly skills very quickly and are now able to assemble these units unassisted. photo

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