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New technology in our CMM department.

Over the last few months the CMM department has gained an extra measuring machine for measuring sample parts from our three sites. This has increased our capacity by 25% since its implementation in November 2016. Training for the measuring arm has taken place and this has been a huge success with our CMM operatives.  The measuring arm was brought into the CMM department from our very own Toolroom and the additional knowledge was instantly put into practice . The arm is used to measure a variety of parts, big or small, and many ISIR reports have been carried out so far.

Use of the measuring arm has also allowed us to use a new measurement technique with its laser scanner. The scanner allows us to get an overall look at a part against CAD. This is very beneficial to many departments within the business in order to make the necessary changes to tooling and process. The arm is now in full time use within CMM and is being used to its full potential.

With this instrument now available to WHS, this makes our CMM department more knowledgeable and more  adaptable when measuring parts for our customers. Not only do we have our measurement team in the UK but we also utilise our company in Cairo for measuring samples and completing ISIR reports for out customers which has proven to be a great trade and link between the two companies across the pond.



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