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New WHS Company Dashboard

This month the WHS Company Dashboard went live. The Dashboard is used to monitor KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) across the business and communicate continuous improvement. The dashboard development had taken two months, one month was getting the layout and the KPIs for each department and the correct visual layout of data for all WHS Users. The second month  included beta testing, where as the dashboard was sent to ten various employees throughout WHS every week  in which feedback and suggested changes were given and taken into account throughout development.

So far 91% of departments have supplied their KPI data, which is being used in the Dashboard. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support the Dashboard during the stages of BETA testing and development – your input has helped shape the Dashboard to what it is today.

To go with the new company dashboard, a new rolling TV presentation which has been displayed . The TV presentation displays all the key drivers our staff on the shop floor would like to know such as sales, overtime and absences to name a few.  The TV presentation has been updated on a weekly basis and has received positive feedback regarding it.

The dashboard is in line with our business plan of continuous improvements, this dashboard not only monitors out improvements within the company but what key areas WHS need to work on within the business . This is a chance for departments and employees around WHS to see what we have accomplished and how well we support one another.


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