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New WHS company video

This month, Our UK Site will be generating a company video of all the new cells and showcasing our three UK facilities.  The new video, which is being filmed by Skeleton Productions, a production company who are based in both Nottingham and London will be placed on our web page and used by the sales team when meeting customers along with being displayed in our main reception areas.

One of the main elements of the video is that it will include a start to finish tour of all three sites at our Birmingham plant showcasing what WHS can do ad what is available for our existing and future customers.  Project manager Saima Javid is managing the project and has coordinated with all departments and cells that will be filmed to help them prepare in advance.  The video is aimed to be finished mid-September and will be put on our company webpage.  Skeleton production Head of production David Marsh commented “Skeleton production have really enjoyed their time at WHS, Saima has been very helpful with the setting up process and everyone at WHS has been very accommodating and we have been well looked after. We’re looking forward to making a great video for WHS.”


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