WHS Plastics


Latest News:

Oct 21 2020

Opening of the new WHS UK Distribution CenterĀ 

This month, Chairman Clinton Smith and Group Managing Director Paul Nicholson welcomed David Owen, Executive Director, Global Purchasing of Jaguar LandRover to our Minworth facility. Originally, we had hoped to hold the…

Sep 23 2020

Engle UK visits WHS

This month, WHS welcomed Wayne Ball and Richard Ashenford from our main press supplier, Engel UK on site. During this training, Engel covered a Customer Service update and a comprehensive overview of…

Aug 18 2020

Site 4 finished at Minworth Plant

The second major milestone of Site 4 has now been completed with all goods being emptied and stored from our offsite warehouse facility without any disruption to production and supply to our…


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