Adrian Coe

Group Paint Director

Joined WHS in:


Responsible For:

All Paint activities at WHS Plastics UK and our sister site ETS in Runcorn

What's special about WHS?

The thing which stood out to me is that WHS is a family owned business with core values steeped in history, the business has developed its grass roots for manufacturing across 3 generations having been family owned since 1945. The company has its own individual approach which stood out to me for its quality in producing painted parts within the industry.  The group benefits from knowledge and skills drawn from both ETS & WHS to support their OEM clients giving the WHS group significant industry experience and quality standards that sit at the very highest level in Europe.

In my spare time I enjoy:

Being outdoors and physically active, enjoy a good run and keeping fit but most of all spending time with family and friends – life is about the good times and laughs we can have together! Everything else, that’s a bonus!

Adrian Coe