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WH Smith and Sons (Tools) Ltd no more

The company name change was effective as of Saturday 1st March. We will no longer be using WH Smith & Sons (Tools) and we will now be known as WHS Plastics ltd.

Other member of the WHS group such as Electron Technical Solutions and WHS Egypt are all to have the WHS prefix .  ETS will change to WHS Electron in a few months time and the Cairo plant will remain WHS Plastics Egypt .

In preparation for the name change WHS have had to issue out letter to all customers and supplier informing them of our name change and making the transition as smooth as possible for everyone,  the latest two trucks  for WHS have the company’s new name as part of a new side curtain and  cab design display and various stationary  such as letter heads, business cards and compliment slips being changed also.

During  March we  will  take  team/ group photos of all departments at both sites in WHS.  The pictures will then be used to create a display that will show  how the company looked and who worked here the week the company name changed to replicate a snapshot in time. The last time we had a company photo involving all staff was in the mid 1980’s!

A history on the company was mentioned in the newsletter prior to the name change, listing all the key points over the 81 years WHS has run as a successful family business, with key points including moving from our old factory in Coleshill to our Water Orton site,  adding our sister companies ETS and WHS Cairo to the WHS group, our struggles and strife through the recession of 2009 only to come out stronger by opening our Site 2 at the start of 2013.

WH Smith and sons tools ltd has had some momentous occasions as a company throughout the years and we hope with our new name we can carry the occasions on.


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