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What will 2014 hold for WHS

WHS have high hopes for 2014 with the spirit of New years resolutions still in the air, we asked several departments for what they think will happen in 2014 at WHS.

Manufacturing will see the introduction of three new machines on B row, with £1 million being invested in the new machines and multi axis robot, whilst post moulding hope to see a new layout introduced to allow work in progress to be stored within the assembly area.  WHS expect to see more orders to carry in 2014 from Leoni and 2014 will see Diversey concentrating on being more efficient in their existing work.

The objective for sales in 2014 will be to focus on great opportunities that are available with our existing customers, these opportunities should allow us to fully utilise our current and new machine capacity as well as our in house tooling resource.

Having only opened autumn last year, the learning centre is off to a positive start for 2014 with health and safety awareness underway and to start training requests from all areas within WHS producing a 2014 training plan.

Tool room hope to see continued investment in new equipment that will help achieve reduced lead times on moulding tools to customers. New recruits will also be a good addition to 2014 to help manage the growth we expect to see with over 2.5 million of new tools being made in house.

We hope 2014 will be as and even more successful then 2013 at WHS.




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