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WHS and 2016

2016 will be one of the most interesting , challenging and exciting years in the 83 years history of WHS. Over the course of 2016 WHS will see tremendous growth and investment with new moulding machines and the newly acquired Site 3 in which new job roles will be created for our current Staff who wish to progress within the business.

The first 3 months will see us get the keys to site 3  which  all finished goods from Site 1 and 2 will be moved into by the end of January, which will then create space in site 2 for two new machines to arrive in February and will make a total of eight machines in site 2. March will see the post moulding and Toyota assembly move over to site allowing refurbishment to the old cell ready for machines to move in and create another manufacturing row.

The summer months will see C row in site 1 move to a new home at the front of the new mould shop area which will be the old post moulding and Toyota area. Five new Engle machines will also make an appearance which will be located on the old C row to meet future work needs. Following on from C row cells move will be H row who will be moved to the rear of the new mould shop area with the old H row getting a complete makeover ready for another new moulding cell of between five to eight machines.

Autumn will see a 30,000 sqft extension to Site 2 giving space for four more machines as well as a recycling area for plastic mouldings and a toolroom area which will be an opportunity to redesign the toolroom layout in site 1  giving more space in site 1.

At the end of 2016 four large machines will arrive and go in the new site 2 extension all ready to run in December for production parts, whilst in the Christmas period we will have new machines arrive for the new cell in the old H row.

2016 will see WHS have a great opportunity to face all the challenges outlines above with the ambition and motivation of all its staff to improve our work efficiency, implement new changes and succeed in the best possible way and  look forward to all these changes happening in 2016 at WHS plastics Ltd.



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