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WHS and 2018

2018 will be one of the most interesting , challenging and exciting years in the 85 year history of WHS. Over the course of 2018 WHS will see tremendous growth and investment with new moulding machines and the newly manufactured paint plant along with new job roles in various areas of the business for our current Staff who wish to progress within the business.

Each department at WHS will be faced with new challenges as we see the growth of sales with our customers increase over the year, not just at WHS UK, but also our sister companies ETS and WHS Egypt. Departments around WHS UK will be looking at increasing technical levels and undergo training of our current staff , stock accuracy, continuous improvements around all three sites and retention of current work.

This year will also see WHS prepare to change from the current TS standard to IATF 16949 which there will be regular progress meeting internally to ensure all necessary work is completed in readiness for our audit in May this year.

2018 will see WHS have a great opportunity to face all the challenges outlined above with the ambition and motivation of all its staff to improve our work efficiency, implement new changes and succeed in the best possible way and everyone at WHS looks forward to all these challenges happening in 2018.

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