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WHS and the local war memorial project

The local community of Water Orton are holding a fundraising event for the Water Orton War Memorial project, in which they plan on raising funds and deliver a permanent open space war memorial for the village residents who died in WW1, WW2 and wars since. The project team of Water Orton have two  events coming up,  a promise auction in September and a Christmas Ball in December. The aim is to have the memorial in place and consecrated at a village gathering on Sunday 11th November 2018.  The Project strapline is ‘Celebrating Peace, Valuing our Heritage’.  

As always we are glad to assist and help the local community and we also appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into organising such an event. WHS have been having meetings with the Water Orton memorial team to help give them ideas for fundraising activities along with ways WHS can help advertise their events and help reach their end goal.

If anyone would like more information on this great project please visit their facebook page which has a list of upcoming activities and fundraising ideas:




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