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WHS Egypt visit WHS UK

This week, WHS Egypt employees Ahmed Abd El Salam, Hany Eissa and Mohamed Shawer came to visit WHS UK. This was their first visit to WHS UK for all three members of our Cairo factory and the purpose of their visit is to establish and strengthen the links between WHS UK and WHS Egypt for current and future project collaborations.

During their visit, the team were accompanied by materials and logistics manager Jade Harrison and manufacturing manager Charlie Cox and for a site tour of WHS to show the growth and changes made to WHS having only seen the facility in pictures from the newsletter. The tour took them over site 1, 2 and 3 as well as looking at our paint facility and our new site 4 warehouse hub which is currently under construction.  The week was predominantly spent sharing information on current projects and help establishment strong links between both companies.

The last day was spent having an overview of what came out of their visit in the UK and how the team of Jade and Charlie can support WHS Egypt and what is expected between now and the next visit which may be delayed. WHS Egypt commented It was great to visit WHS UK and see the company and the people who have helped us throughout the previous years. The chance to transfer the knowledge between the two companies of the same organization was very valuable.”

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