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WHS Egypt visit WHS UK

Last week, WHS Egypt employee Ismail Fakhry came to visit WHS. This is the second time Ismail has visited the UK with the first time being in November 2016. Ismail has been with WHS Egypt since it first opened in 2007 and is the Planning and Logistics Manager.

The purpose of Ismail’s visit is to establish and strengthen the links between WHS UK and WHS Egypt with planned visit of up to four times a year. The other reason for Ismail’s visit was for WHS Egypt need to increase sales for Leoni and other mouldings, assembly work and the technical centre which includes CMM, gauges and automation and showcase as a low cast option for our customers. During his visit, Ismail was accompanied with Jade Harrison, they both have lots of open discussions within different departments, some of which were to overview things others were very detailed. From his side as well, he gave an update and an illustration about how things are going the other end in Cairo. This allowed a good amount of information sharing and is helping in the establishment of strong links between both companies, which is very important for the growth for both companies.

On Monday, Ismail was taken on a site tour of WHS and saw some familiar friendly faces from the previous visit and also from when WHS UK went over to Egypt to help set up the factory in 2007. The purpose of the tour was to show Ismail the growth and changes made to WHS since his visit in 2016 such as the addition of D and E row, the H row move, Maybrook and of course, our impressive paint facility in which Ismail was given a full technical tour and shown the process of how we paint parts here in the UK.

Tuesday Ismail was given a tour  of our storage facility at Maybrook business park to look at the stock holding of the parts that are sent back from Cairo such as Diversey, Adient and Toyota along with the loading of the containers. We also showed Ismail the seven machines that are currently in Maybrook with a view of sending these to Egypt once room has become available. Ismail was also taken through the CI programme we currently have in place at WHS, WHS Egypt currently have green and black belt six sigma employees so it was interesting to see what our in-house yellow and white six sigma programme.

Wednesday involved seeing all of the key contacts here in the U.K to WHS Egypt with the final meeting of the day having an overview of what came out of his visit in the UK and how the team of Colin, Jade and Ismail can strengthen WHS Egypt . Ismail commented on his visit “A very big change between both visits, a paint plant in place up and running, new extension for site 2, lots of new injection moulding machines, a new big store in Maybrook to sport the growth, and still improvements are going, all of these are really impressive, wishing all the of success to everyone. ” he also commented on the hospitality and cooperation he got from the people saying, “I would like to thank everyone for sparing some time for me for getting our bits done, this was really appreciated and thank you to Jade and Lorraine for their hospitality and looking forward to seeing you all again”.

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