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WHS Egypt visits WHS UK

This month, WHS Egypt Employee Ismail Fakhry visited WHS UK for the first time. Ismail has been with WHS Egypt since it first opened in 2007 and is the Planning and Logistics Manager, this is the first time a WHS Egypt employee has visited WHS UK.  Ismail’s reason for visiting WHS was to see how to help with the creation of the technical centre business in Egypt which is being developed with the help WHS UK with CMM reports, gauge manufacture and automation equipment. The visit also strengthens the relation between both companies. Over the three days Ismail visited WHS UK in November he was shown various departments throughout WHS such as the Diversey cell, IT, mould shop and Quality to name a few.

Ismail was very impressed with the massive growth currently underway at WHS as well as what’s expected for the future in 2017 with more machines and a paint plant. He commented everyone at WHS was in fantastic spirit and the staff are showing high co-operation and hospitality. With this in mind for WHS Egypt technical centre, the challenges will arise with a good opportunity to make gauges, CMM measurements and Automation for other customers as well as supporting WHS UK.

Ismail commented; My deep and sincere thanks to all the staff for their hospitality, support and cooperation that they’ve showed to myself during the visit. It was very nice to meet the people I’ve been contacting over the last 9 years over e-mails and phone to meet them in person, special thanks to the people in the commercial front office for receiving me for the 3 days. Wishing you all the best in the future.



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