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WHS Sales Coordinators

This month, WHS are looking at the young people progressing through WHS. After the recent sales team reorganisation into three customer focus teams made up of an account manager and a sales coordinator the three sales coordinators all in their early twenties Aimee Hunt, Fabienne Lawson and Amy Shakespeare are looking at pushing on & furthering their knowledge over the next 12 months

Aimee Hunt (23)
Aimee has worked at WHS for three years starting on the shopfloor and progressing her way to sales coordinator working alongside account manager Brian Payne. Aimee deals with a number of different customers such as Toyota, JCI, CT, Bentley & AML in which each customer has different requirements, Aimee said about her job that ‘because I work with many different customers the jobs vary each day which I enjoy.’ Having seen a lot of changes over the three years Aimee is looking forward to what the future holds for the department and the company and how the sales team contributes to the company.

Fabienne Lawson (24)
Fabienne joined the company in 2014 as a JLR sales coordinator working alongside account managers Nigel Dobbs and Deryck Walker. Working with one of WHS’s biggest accounts JLR, Fabienne stated that ‘I Enjoy the focus and fulfilment of a big customer like JLR provides me within my job role and I look forward to seeing how JLR continues to develop”

Amy Shakespeare (22)
Amy has been with WHS for four years working on the twilight shift before coming into the sales department last week as Plastic Omnium sales coordinator working alongside Alison Reaney. Much like Fabienne’s role, Amy is learning the basics of quoting new work for Plastic Omnium as well as learning new sales processes and attending customer meetings. Amy said that ‘Having worked on the shop floor for three years and being at the end of the production it’s interesting to see how the work we do at WHS begins in sales.’ Amy is looking forward to learning more new skills and getting hands on experience from the role.


All three coordinators have received some training in areas such as IMDS, Six sigma, IT training and offsite Du Pont training days. Sales Director  Andrew Kendrick says “it is great to have 3 young people enjoying their roles, fitting in well and looking to continue their development over the next 12 months’

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